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Privileges & Benefits

We are pleased to communicate the privileges and services dedicated to TDHI VIPs. We are waiting to define other agreements with Divisions or companies of the TDHI GROUP. We also agree with other group partners to allocate additional privileges and benefits to TDHI VIPs. 

Each TDHI VIP has the right to use the privilege or benefit for himself or one of his companies. The TDHI VIP can assign its benefits and privileges to a third person. 


We will update this website dedicated to TDHI VIP members with each new agreement. If you have a need or a requirement, write us using the format or email, and we will reply. For all 85 sectors in which the TDHI GROUP operates, we are studying privileges and benefits for you. If you do not find one in the sector that interests you on this page, ask, and we will tell you what we are doing or what we could propose.

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